Post-Construction Cleaning in Lagos

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Lilac Clean Spring Clean Promo

Lilac Clean New Year/Harmattan Spring Clean Promo!!!

Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s for all Island areas all through January!!!! Up to 40% off full price!!!!! Starts 3rd Jan 2018 and Ends 31st Jan 2018.

1 to 2 bedroom Flat -15K

3 bedroom Flat -18K 

4 bedroom duplex – 25K

5 bedroom duplex- 30K

Additional 5K for Boys Quarters

Additional 5K for some Mainland areas

Spring Clean Includes(Bedrooms, Washrooms and Bathrooms, Kitchen, Living Rooms, Windows, and Tiles and Sanitary Stain removal)cropped-cleaning-website-6-1.jpeg

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Made in Nigeria Cleaning Products we Love

Lilac Clean as a cleaning company based in Nigeria has a duty to search for the best made in Nigeria Cleaning products. We have tried numerous products, although some have not always been great we have managed to find many excellent products over time.  These are some of the products that has helped us ensure we continuously give a cleaning service comparable to no none in the industry at very affordable prices. In between your Lilac Clean house or office cleaning Service you can try out any or all of these products we recommend for cleaning.

  1. Easy Life Bath and Toilet Cleanerbath-and-toilet-cleaner
  2. Deep Action Cream Cleaner cream-cleaner
  3. Zip Scouring Powder   zip-scouring-powder
  4. Voom Scouring Powder voom-scouring-powder
  5. Shine All Scouring Powder shine-all-scouring-powder
  6. Glomax Floor Cleaner       glomax floor cleaner.jpg
  7. KleanMate Glass Cleaner image1-1

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Landscaping And Garden Design Experts In Lagos

Landscaping and garden design, flower Arrangements supply of potted plants, maintenance of gardens, garden rejuvenation, and training of garden personnel.

Crystal Clear Ventures Nigeria has over 20 years of experience in horticulture in Nigeria and our work speaks for it self. We can work together with your architect to come up with a garden and flower beautification concept that will become the highlight of your environment.

Call us now on 08035101686


How to Prevent Dust From Entering your Home.

Eighty percent of the dirt and dust in your house walks in through the door on people’s feet. The right mats placed inside and outside of all entrances to your home will help cut down on cleaning time.

Feather dusters typically don’t do much but spread dirt around. If you are using a feather duster on the surfaces in your home, we suggest considering alternative options.

walk-in-matThings You’ll Need

  • Walk-off Mat
  • Vacuum
  • Water Hose
  • Floor Cleaner/ All-Purpose Cleaner

How To Do It

  1. Purchase a professional mat, sometimes referred to as a walk-off mat. These mats are the professional mats you see at the entrances of home, hospitals and supermarkets. They’re called walk-off mats because they give the dirt a chance to be walked off before it gets in. Walk-off mats are usually nylon or olefin with a rubber or vinyl back for inside the door, and rubber or vinyl-backed synthetic turf for outside on the step. They’re available in a variety of colors and sizes. To do their job well, both the inside and outside mats should be four strides long.
  2. Sweep or Vacuum mats regularly or shake them outside. Keep vacuum bags, filters, seals and gaskets in good repair to prevent fine dust from being blown back into the air as you vacuum.
  3. Hose the mats down and scrub with floor cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner to clean. Repeat this step as needed. If you do not have a hose rinse the mat under a fast running tap.
  4. Hang mats until completely dry so that moisture isn’t trapped under the vinyl backing.


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Some Recent Lilac Clean Pictures

We love to share our cleaning pictures from time to time. Due to privacy some of our clients do not let us take pictures of their locations but we do manage to get some in. If you are looking professional cleaning in Lagos call us on 08056895502. Whether its a once a week clean, bi-weekly clean, spring clean etc for your home, we have got you covered.







Lilac Clean Post Construction Cleaning

Every day hundreds if not thousands of Lagosians move into new homes. Some are newly built and the tenant or house owner is faced with residues of the construction work that was done. It could be cement patches left on tiles, It could be paint stains. Once you get the keys of your new home, you might begin to panic on whether these stains will ever come off. Lilac Clean is a professional cleaning company based in Lagos Nigeria and we are skilled in post-construction cleaning. If you are in Lagos and want to move into a new home call us now on 08056895502 to come help you make your move in more pleasant. What’s even more amazing is that we are very affordable!

Here are some pictures to see how effective we are.









Alternatives to Garri

Alright people it’s time to get healthy as much as we love cassava swallows such as Garri(Eba), Fufu, Akpu they may not be the most healthy option. Or you may just love the different soups Nigeria has to offer but may not like the taste or feel of cassava swallows. Lilac Clean has made a list of alternatives to cassava swallows.

  1.  Pounded Yamgarri.jpeg
  2. Semovita
  3. Semolina
  4. Plantain Plower
  5. Yam Flour (Amala)
  6. Wheat Flour
  7. Rice Flour
  8. Oat Flour

Feel free to suggest more in the comments section.

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