Welcome to Lilac Clean

We are a professional cleaning service provider. We offer a broad range of cleaning services for homes, offices and commercial properties throughout Lagos. We take the time to understand each of our client’s needs on an individual basis, in order to ensure they receive from us the best possible cleaning services for their premises.  Our staff members are extensively trained in the latest cleaning techniques and are qualified to work with equipment and chemicals. We pride ourselves on the quality of service that we offer.

Our Clients Benefit from:

Competitive Pricing
Computerised scheduling and crosschecking to ensure “on-time” completion
Professional and skilled cleaners
Premises Inspection after services
Efficient response to queries by our management


Lilac Clean is a professional cleaning company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We specialise in residential and commercial cleaning. Our cleaners are available 7 days a  week in all Lagos areas. Contact us now  Phone: 08056895502Email: info@lilacclean.com